APEX: Changing the Chiropractic Care Experience

A chiropractor makes adjustments on a patient's back. The chiropractor focuses on the right shoulder blade area.

We are well aware the reputation that many chiropractors have. We’ve heard it all from aggressive marketing practices, questionable techniques, and unsubstantiated health claims that require patients to sign up for recurring sessions that often leaving the patient still in pain.

Knowing these biases many people have around chiropractic care, we are determined to change the narrative. From your initial consultation to the moment you leave our office, we have committed to ensuring your experience at APEX Performance and Chiropractic will be unlike any other visit to a chiropractic office.

Here are the top 5 things that we are doing to change the way you experience chiropractic care:


1. Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Your initial appointment will involve a complete assessment before we begin any treatment. Our exams are based around SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) to address the entire body’s function which will help us to determine the source of any pain or discomfort that brought you to our office in the first place. The SFMA consists of a series of ten full-body movement tests that assess mobility, stability, and motor control, and pain in different areas of the body. These tests are designed to identify patterns of movement impairment that may be contributing to pain or limiting performance.


2. Individualized Treatment Plans

Once your assessment has been completed, we can use the results to develop an individualized treatment plan which may involve a combination of chiropractic care, ART, dry needling, corrective exercises, and other interventions aimed at improving mobility, stability, and motor control. Each plan is different for each patient and is flexible depending on how you respond to the initial treatment plan. Bodies are constantly changing and evolving and your treatment plan should too.


3. Combining Massage and Chiropractic Treatments

We are not JUST a chiropractor clinic. We also utilize massage therapy and ART (Active Release Technique) in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment to relieve your pain. During an ART session, we apply specific depth and tension to the entire range of motion for that specific muscle. This technique is designed to break up scar tissue, sticky adhesions, and other soft tissue restrictions that may be causing pain or limiting mobility. ART is different from other manual therapy techniques, such as massage or stretching, in that it targets specific areas rather than treating the body as a whole. This allows for a more specific and effective treatment approach that can help alleviate pain and improve function in the affected area.


4. Self-Pay Services

At Apex, we do not go through health insurance companies for payments on our services. While it may seem counterintuitive to not accept insurance, there are many benefits to visiting a chiropractor who does not have to deal with the red tape that often accompanies submitting treatments through insurance companies. Chiropractors who do not accept insurance may have more freedom to offer a wider range of treatment options, including alternative therapies that may not be covered by insurance. This can be beneficial for patients who are interested in exploring different treatment approaches beyond traditional chiropractic care. When chiropractors accept insurance, they are often limited in the amount of time they can spend with each patient due to insurance restrictions. So, chiropractors who do not accept insurance may have more flexibility in their schedule, allowing them to spend more time with each patient and provide more individualized care.


5. Monthly Wellness Memberships

Once a patient has completed the initial exam and reached the goals set for their treatment, they are then eligible for a Wellness Membership. We began offering this service because we believe it is important to for our patients to have consistent maintenance care which can ensure you are regularly addressing the daily wear and tear on your body.


Try Apex Performance & Chiropractic for yourself!

If you have had a questionable experience when dealing with a chiropractor in the past, Apex may be the right fit for you. We want anyone who steps in our office to feel seen, heard, and cared for. Your pain relief is the ultimate goal. Click below to schedule your new patient exam!